Star Trek: Odyssey

As One

Stardate 49161.3

A two-month warp trip with no stops looming, Commander Sebastian involves the senior crew in codifying procedures fleetwide. T’Ven is sent to meet with the captains of armed ships in the convoy to discuss strategy. Kalen meets with the rest of the captains to handle resource and fuel reserve calculation. Annira works on streamlining communications throughout the fleet, and Domino works with the various ships’ pilots to better schedule shuttle trips within the fleet. Plogh, along with the Romulan biologist Ulun, get dispatched to the Alanel to aid the crew with a spate of illnesses making their way through the Sikarians aboard.

The Captain even gets her own special duty – accepting a meeting from Captain Goull of the Miton, the merchant who holds the singular distinction of being the only owner of their ship. Captain Tchang asks for the canteen staff to cater all the day’s meetings as a courtesy, but in Goull’s case, it keeps Skrillix close at hand to observe the goings-on. Goull is demanding, and his values aren’t perfectly aligned with the Federation’s but his basic request to the Captain is one they both support – seeking more ships to carry the fleet. She begins preliminary planning on an expedition to acquire more ships for the fleet, that may include Skrillix and/or T’Ven.

Kalen’s meeting with the other captains starts with Selveth stepping in briefly to warn her fellow Romulan that the others of their kind aboard the fleet seemed to be up to something. Kalen accepted the warning, and transitioned directly into dealing with three fleet captains arguing over their interpretation of critical resources. Once everyone got on the same page, Kalen’s insight as an engineer gave grave news – two of the ships in the fleet didn’t have the fuel to complete the trip across Pralor space.

T’ven’s meeting is much more productive, save for Captain Vavel leading with the declaration that he would not commit his ship to battle. After T’ven placidly informed him that he was not part of the fleet in that case, Vavel backed down, and the group brainstormed strategies that capitalized on the fleet’s unique strengths.

That was tested as shortly after the meetings, a Cravic warship showed up on sensors on an intercept course. It was clearly violating Pralor space to get at the fleet. While T’Ven organized the fleet to engage the warship, the Captain warns the Pralor of the incursion in their space. Their reply is merely, “Appropriate force will be dispatched.” The fleet engages the warship using T’ven’s strategy – the Odyssey trails ahead as bait, having been the only ship in the fleet to attack the Cravic. Once they prioritized the Odyssey, the Odyssey led them into the Posel’s phaser cannon fire. With the other fleet ships bolstering the Posel’s shields, they fleet is able to keep the Cravic at bay until a pair of Pralor ships arrive. In the chaos, the fleet scatters and escapes, rendezvousing back on course.

Safe for the moment, Kalen reveals the information gleaned from the fleet captains. They have critical fuel needs, and risk diplomatic trouble if they try to resolve them. The senior staff ponders the issue..


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