Star Trek: Odyssey

Broken Time

Stardate 50030.3

The Odyssey crew gathers in the brig, learning all they can from Annorax. The reason? Kalen’s been leaving the details of their trials in a temporally shielded probe, and discovers suddenly that there are hundreds of file fragments – along with one of Kalen, shouting instructions. They’ve been stuck in a time loop for a while now, endlessly dying trying to stop the weapon-ship. Worse, they learn from the captured ship captain that the weapon is heading for the fleet to obliterate them. The Odyssey leaps to warp, racing to help their allies.

The team of Selveth, Kalen, Domino, and Vulmos study all the information gathered. Between Annorax’s knowledge, the blueprints, the file fragments, and disabling the safety limits of simulations, they assemble a plan of attack. It’s incredibly risky, but despite the odds, Captain Chang orders it to be set in motion.

When they arrive, they see the weapon-ship menacing the fleet. The ves’Targ, its open hail featuring the ship’s bridge crew singing a Klingon Opera, attacks the Krenim weapon immediately, drawing its attention. Their remaining allies screen the fleet while the Odyssey itself careens at the weapon, ready to enact its plan. Fire pierces the shields, damaging the saucer and the the ship’s star drive section, as well as one of the warp nacelles. But Domino keeps her course and Kalen keeps the engines running long enough for Commander Adams to fire a series of modified torpedoes. His salvo pierces their shields, damaging the temporal core enough to render it vulnerable. With another precisely aimed torpedo, Adams destroys the ship’s core.

The plan now falls to Domino and Kalen. Both pilot and engineer volunteered, briefed on the fact that protecting the crew from the temporal changes requires them to do this without shielding to prevent a paradox. Exposed to the coronal implosion, Domino pilots the Odyssey directly into a space-time breach formed by the implosion.

The bridge freezes save for Domino and Kalen. Domino’s mentor (long thought dead) steps out, now a being known as a Traveler. He explains that he’s been trying to lead Domino here to solve this problem, and the pair’s solution needs only a cosmic nudge from him to succeed. He offers to solve it, and return things to some semblance of normal, in exchange for them accompanying him beyond this reality. Domino agrees without hesitation, and after consideration, Kalen does as well.

The Traveler unpauses the rest of the bridge so that they may say goodbye. After the explanation and confirmation that both are interested in the offer, the Captain affirms that it was an honor to serve with them, and the trio of Travelers leave.

They pass through the breach and everything is calm again. Sebastian has returned, the Tiro is in the bay, the colony ship has even avoided the catastrophic damage from the jump to this sector. However, occupying the time loop means that nine months have passed outside of it.

Light two members of the family, those remaining on the Odyssey set a fresh course home, the fleet following behind.


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