Star Trek: Odyssey


Stardate 50590.1

The ves’Targ is traveling to the fleet rendezvous point when they receive a distress call from the Alanel, a fleet ship. The Klingons change course to investigate the distress call, with sensors officer Lt. Korgi detecting weapons fire. Plogh orders the stealth circuitry engaged, and they proceed to the Alanel’s aid. When they arrive, the Sikarian vessel is valiantly facing off against two unknown warships. They disable the Alanel and grab it with tractor beams, warping away. The ves’Targ gives chase, disabling one of the two with a surprise photon torpedo, knocking it out of warp. The Klingons follow the the last ship to the remains of a tremendous space battle, where the crew prepares for battle via a meal and bloodwine before sneaking their way toward the unknown ship.

They find the Alanel being guarded by two of these unknown ships while the third docks in order to board it. They learn, however, that despite these ships having room for quite a few souls aboard, all three are carrying perhaps eighteen total. So, Plogh orders Heklara to surreptitiously approach from the other side, letting a boarding team aboard from that side. Plogh gathers his weapons officer, V’rok, Korgi, and the ship’s cook, Boktar. The four Klingons wrench open the alien airlock, get aboard, and seal it behind them while the ves’Targ launches. The boarding party, singing battle songs at the top of their lungs, move through the corridors of this new vessel, scanning for booby traps. The interior is covered with nets carrying trophies on display, but the first true danger they find is a huge, blue-armored alien with a tremendous tetryon rifle. V’rok and Korgi square off with the alien hunter, stabbing it with d’k’tahg and attempting to behead it with a bat’leth. But it stumbles backward, recovers, and fires its rifle, disintegrating Korgi on the spot.

Plogh steps forward and beheads the alien to avenge his sensors officer and the Klingons try to fight the aliens while they form a strategy. Boktar holds off three with his kitchen knives while Plogh and V’rok use the explosion from one of the aliens’ weapons as a distraction, splitting off into service crawlways. They take over Engineering, sealing it off, and beam Boktar to safety before venting the ship’s atmosphere. The hunters’ suits are all hardened against vacuum, and they are recovered by the other two ships as they wheel to fire on Plogh’s commandeered warship. The ves’Targ swoops in to draw fire and in the chaos he commands V’rok to extend the shields around the still-docked Alanel. They warp away with the Sikarian ship safely in tow.

Funerary Rites are performed for Korgi, V’rok is to tell the first tale of this battle in honor of his service in it, and the Sikarians are once again indebted to the Klingons for their assistance. Naderen, the Alanel’s captain, happily offers assistance in getting the hunters’ warship back to fighting shape. As the trio of ships head for the rendezvous point again, Plogh and his crew read up on these new aliens, the Hirogen.


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