Star Trek: Odyssey

Recognition of Commodore Tchang

As Thalaya Tchang’s executive officer, it is my honor to recognize her exceptional skill and dedication to duty. Thalaya has led the Odyssey with a balance of authority and empathy, maintaining order while respecting the individuality of each crewmember. She has guided us through countless challenges, always with a patient and compassionate leadership style. Thalaya’s strong sense of duty and responsibility has defined the Odyssey’s mission and her commitment to Starfleet’s values remains unwavering, even in the Delta Quadrant.

Under the Starfleet Regulations, Section 49.01, Subsection 3.03.18. A board of 3 Captains from allied ships are empowered to promote an officer on their command up one rank during an emergency or while a commanding officer is isolated from Starfleet Command due to extraordinary circumstances. Under the power of the Emergency Treaty for the Security of the Delta Quadrant, I propose that Thalaya Tchang has repeatedly demonstrated exceptional command skills, and is due for a promotion, will another Captain present second my motion, and another Captain present affirm the motion?

Emergency Treaty for the Security of the Delta Quadrant

United Federation of Planets, Starfleet
The Sikarian Canon


Record of Vote:

Seconded by Vavel, Captain, Posel
Thirded by Carela Tann, Captain, ZSC Jaret

Per the cited regulation, the treaty recognizes Thalaya Tchang’s field promotion to Commodore as of Stardate 50359.

Recognition of Commodore Tchang
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