Star Trek: Odyssey


Stardate 49458

The Captain’s using the Holodeck, having an unproductive session with a holographic therapist, when Annira calls from the bridge – their probe reports the weapon is moving. It destroys the probe and sets course their direction.

The fleet is rearmed, and the Odyssey leads the strongest ships to a neighboring polity, the Nihydron. On the way they see the weapon-ship on long-range sensors, and contact the other half of the fleet, scattering them and setting a rendezvous in a few weeks’ time. The anchorage is vaporized by the weapon ship, which gives chase to the Odyssey’s portion of the fleet.

After dodging Krenim patrols at the edge of Nihydron space. An unexpected skirmish with a Krenim warship in a nebula shows the crew their temporal shielding isn’t completely effective against their chroniton torpedoes, and one of the appropriated Zahl cruisers, captained by Carela Tann, peels off to fight them, disappearing into a nebula. She doesn’t rejoin the fleet, and they’re forced to move on without one of the cruisers.

The rest of the detachment meets Admiral Traken of the Nihydron. He and his eighteen destroyers have been holding off the Krenim for months, and they’re willing to assist in bringing down the weapon-ship. The coalition realizes that the weapon ship is tracking the Odyssey, and use it to spring a trap on the weapon.

It shows up, five times as long as the Odyssey, and hails. Its commander, Obrist, declares them an anomaly, and quickly reveals his intent to remove them from time. Before doing so, he somehow transports Selveth and Annira off the bridge, and then fires its temporal weapon. Interceding, Kalen overcharges the ship’s shields, which prevents almost all of the damage. The weapon’s beam strikes the remaining Zahl cruiser and it disappears. The Nihydron attack, as well as the ves’Targ, though few of their weapons seem to impact the weapon-ship’s temporal shielding. Having planned ahead, Kalen and Parker have modified five torpedoes with the same chroniton module of the Krenim’s weapons, taken from the troop transport they appropriated. Working in tandem with the on duty Conn officer Ensign Casse, Parker concentrates torpedo fire on the weapon-ship’s temporal core. The fight is serious, with heavy losses for the Nihydron, but the temporal core is temporarily disabled, and Kalen is able to transport Selveth off of it, but is forced to leave Annira behind. The weapon-ship seriously damages the Odyssey’s port nacelle, disabling warp drive, and then escapes. When the chaos quiets, a damaged Odyssey, the ves’Targ, and four Nihydron ships remain.


And the captain becomes tastefully drunk.

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