Star Trek: Odyssey

The Heist of Warship 112

Stardate 49167

A daring plan is hatched by the crew. The Cravic warship that assaulted them before is a short distance beyond Pralor space, licking its wounds in an asteroid field. While the fleet heads for the emission nebula that has fuel to top them off, the Tiro and ves’Targ are surreptitiously launched away from the fleet, heading for the warship. The Tiro is cloaked, and the ves’Targ uses its masking circuitry to run “silent”, making for an easy approach to their target. They split up once close, and the Klingon raider, commanded by Plogh, begins firing on asteroids, drawing the Cravic’s attention. Lt. Domino lends her services at the helm as they lead the automated warship on a merry chase through the field.

While distracted, the Tiro slips inside the damaged ship’s shields before they raise. The pilot, Lt. Commander T’Ven, has a bumpy ride to get them close enough to latch directly onto the Cravic ship’s hull, but eventually gets them seated. Chief Hegrom, the Odyssey’s transporter chief and a Tellarite perfectionist, mans the Romulan scout ship’s transporter and beams T’Ven aboard inside a repair bay. Once secure, he is joined by Vulmos and Lt. Hobbs. The trio haul a set of pattern enhancers stealthily through the corridors of the Cravic ship until they reach an antimatter storage bay.

Carefully causing a distraction with his phaser, T’Ven clears a single antimatter storage pod of personnel units, and he and Vulmos set up pattern enhancers. Hobbs isolates the pod so that it isn’t currently moving dangerous fuel around, and then they wait patiently while Hegrom uses the pattern enhancers to beam starship fuel out of the Cravic tank and into a fuel cell set up on the Tiro. While they wait, Hobbs learns terrible news thanks to Cravic intelligence being sent to the terminal.

Once their little bit of piracy is complete, the away team is afforded escape thanks to a timely distraction from Vulmos, who renders the APUs unable to connect to their ship thanks to some malicious programming he had worked up. As they escape, they witness a tremendous explosion where they last saw the ves’Targ. It was a ploy to end the distraction. Lt. Domino performed a daringly executed maneuver while the.Raider released a mine. The enemy’s weapons fire hit the mine, giving the impression the ves’Targ had exploded. In reality, the Raider was floating on an asteroid nearby.

The whole plan successful, the small ships rush back to the fleet to deliver the much needed fuel, and a warning – the Pralor will renege on their deal of safe passage.

The fleet refuels in a nebula and hurries back on the way, only a day or so ahead of the Pralor who are now following them.


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