Ops Officer, Computer Whiz, Holo-Programmer


Annira is a typical Arkarian – stoic and reserved. She keeps her red hair as the only way she expresses herself, and otherwise retains scowls and dark stares for people not from the ship. In the time that has passed since their mission began, Annira has warmed to many members of the crew – Domino in particular, but Barnett and even Commodore Tchang, as well. Most of the crew understands her silence as cultural rather than personal, and welcome her opinions when she deigns to share them.

She is a lieutenant commander in the Operations division, serving the USS Odyssey as Chief Operations Officer. She handles much of the data and power collation of day-to-day operations, as well as active sensor scans (except in tactical situations, where she defers to Commander Adams). She is a particular expert in Computers, Holography, and other technical disciplines. She is one of three officers aboard with any advanced medical training.


It is an open secret that upon arrival, Lt. Annira’s left leg was a cybernetic prosthesis, an unfortunate souvenir of an away mission for a previous ship gone wrong. She underwent a Rilnar procedure on Stardate 50539 that regenerated her missing leg.

Since being lost, she attempted to program a temporary sickbay in Holodeck 3, with a holo-doc that was more or less a friendly medical tutorial. With the integration of the Klingons, she suspended the project, and adapted it into part of the training for the EMH that they assembled.

Her management of the holodecks means that she is the person to come to with any program requests or ideas. Most of the crew clamor over slots for personal holoprograms, but Annira also welcomes suggestions for the group simulation in Holodeck 2, meant for continuous running.

Relationships of note:

  • Fell in with Domino and Barnett as the ship’s resident pulse on gossip.
  • Was saved via mind-meld by T’ven when trianic beings absorbed most of her neural energy.
  • Has added maintenance of the EMH to her regular duties, serving as both ‘doctor’ and ‘therapist’ for the cobbled-together hologram.


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