Bo Sebastian

First Officer, Keen Observer, Knows the Regulations


A perfectly average, middle-aged caucasian Human man, Sebastian maintains impeccable dress and hygiene, keeping his dark hair trimmed. Even taking up a cane in the wake of arriving in the Delta Quadrant, he keeps it regulation.

His adaptation to the Delta Quadrant has been the biggest struggle. Injured, he is restricted to the ship for most missions, when it was expected that he would lead much of them. He’s turned this energy toward preparation and knowledge – administrating the entirety of the fleet.

He is a commander in the command division, and serves as executive officer of the Odyssey. His primary skills lay in logistics and project management, and so he spends much of his duties interpreting Captain Tchang’s intentions beyond her orders, attempting to anticipate them. He has a keen eye for spotting talents, and favors unconventional solutions to problems.


Sebastian served as both a security officer and JAG officer prior to joining the command program. He was on the short list for promotion to his own command – this assignment was seen by many in Command as a test for the real thing.

In the early days in the Quadrant, Kazon boarders caused catastrophic injury to one of Sebastian’s lungs and to his spine. With sickbay destroyed in that same fight, Sebastian was triaged by Lt. Annira and her holo-doc, who opted for survival over function. They removed his lung, and fused several of his vertebrae in order to prevent further damage. While it is possible with Plogh and the EMH now to repair the damage, it is just as likely to do further harm, and he has opted to adapt to his new circumstances.

He cannot get around without a cane, but has refused to abdicate his duty. Instead, he has worked harder, involving himself in more of the ship’s goings on, so that he can operate differently. As one of the only humans on the senior staff, he has tried to serve as a voice for the Odyssey crew’s concerns. He’s also the unofficial headmaster of the captain’s “Night Academy” initiative, where fleet members seeking to officially join the Odyssey’s crew may be trained in all the procedural, historical, and ethical reasons to contextualize Starfleet decision-making.

As First Officer, he handles the day-to-day running of the ship. Personnel, logistics, and all other matters come first to him, in order to filter the critical decisions to the captain.

Relationships of note:

  • Having served as a confidant of the captain this whole time, Sebastian trusts Thalaya Tchang’s orders, knowing what is behind them.
  • Sebastian had developed an off-duty friendship with Domino, frequently attending Sherlock Holmes holonovels in their off-time.

Bo Sebastian

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