Cat Domino

I have never been afraid of the dark. I was born amongst the stars, born to Starfleet, all these points of light in the darkness, both the darkness and the light is a gift.


Wiry and thin with long fingers ending in trimmed nails and burnt fingers from hot swapping control circuits and subspace signal nodes. Cat doesn’t always look like a shining example of a starfleet officer. Her short black hair never seems to follow orders and instead whisps about every time Cat moves from one project to the next.
Fierceness shines in Cat’s yellow-gold eyes, like she has never met a problem she couldn’t just beat into submission through her stuborn determination. She never views failure as anything more than a lesson.
Her uniform is only barely within regulation and always worn in whatever configuration provides the most coverage.
A constellation of scars exists around her right eye, burns an cuts from where a prototype technology she was working on catastrophically failed, she insists on keeping the scars as a reminder

She is a full lieutenant in the Command division, currently serving as the Chief Flight Controller aboard the Odyssey.

In ‘Broken Time’, Domino left the ship with a being who appeared as Dr. John Stewart. She and Lt. Kalen left the Odyssey to explore the universe.


Personal log, Lt. Annira, Stardate 48751.01 -

I haven’t recorded a personal log since we left. Didn’t really seem to matter. No one would ever hear them.

But… maybe not, after all? After months of duty shift, sleep, duty shift, sleep, I had an idea to maybe not solve our problem, but at least say something back to home. It looked hopeless. But it turned out, we had a literal genius aboard who solved the whole problem! I hadn’t even given her a second thought these last months – she was a conn jockey. We worked next to each other for countless shifts, and come to find out? I looked her up in the personnel database. Formerly Lt. Commander Cat Domino! She wasn’t wearing red in her last personnel photo. She’s… some sort of theoretical astrophysicist? Specializing in a type of space-time anomaly I certainly don’t remember from my classes.

Maybe she’s how we’ll get home. Maybe not. But another smart brain on the problem never hurt anything. And I’ll definitely be checking with her the next time I don’t understand something.

Cat Domino

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