Chell Perrik

The ship's extremely overworked counselor


Chell is a Lieutenant, junior grade, serving aboard the USS Odyssey as its counselor. He’s an expert in psychology, diplomacy, and bureaucratic administration, making him of particular value in the ship’s unique circumstances.


Typically, short duration missions like the one the Odyssey was initially commanded to undertake don’t require a counselor. However, whether through forethought, caution, or purely wanting the aid of one, Captain Tchang did put in a request for an assignment, and received a full counselor attachment, including Perrik. Since being in the Delta Quadrant, his appointment book has been understandably full, given the diplomatic and emotional strain the situation has placed on all involved. Perrik has been the primary Starfleet liaison to the Romulan faction aboard, as well as offering group counseling sessions for officers and Sikarians alike.

Chell Perrik

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