Thalaya Tchang

Fleet Commodore, Joined Trill, Protective


She is a Commodore in the Command division, serving the USS Odyssey as Commanding Officer. She serves as the highest ranking member of Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant, commanding the Odyssey on its trek home. This also makes her the de facto head of the convoy’s course and security, as well as the Federation’s primary spokesperson in this area of space. She is a particular expert in diplomacy, astronavigation, and leading by example.

On Stardate 50539, in honor of her service both to her crew and the Sikarian refugees, the fleet (led by Commander Sebastian) authorized a field promotion for Tchang to Commodore, reflecting her leadership of the fleet.


File Addendum added by EMH-Proto-001, stardate 49001 -

She’s no Jim Kirk, but I don’t know how long Jim would last out here. A lot of Starfleet captains don’t have the grit to do what Tchang’s doing without snapping. I don’t know if it’s her Trill neurochemistry, the symbiont, or her just plain cussedness. But while everyone else on this voyage of the damned screams and cries, she winces and then solves the problem.

I think that after a year in space, she needs to realize that this situation isn’t a quick fix, and she needs to build some relationships here and now before she suffers a real loss and is isolated because of it. But what do I know? I’m just a modified physical simulation of a 150-year-old doctor.

Thalaya Tchang

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