Kazon Refugee, Raider Pilot, Honorable Warrior


Heklara is a typical woman of her species, albeit a teenager.

After a brief stay aboard the Odyssey as a passenger, she transferred to the ves’Targ and assisted Plogh’s warriors in adapting to the new ship and its idiosyncrasies. There, she petitioned to serve as its pilot, since none of the Klingons had expressed either inclination nor aptitude.

That is her role now, scouting ahead of the fleet with her unexpected guardian, Plogh.


Heklara is a rarity for her kind before considering her unique situation. Kazon society is strongly patriarchal and hierarchical based upon ability as a warrior or manipulator. Heklara was found aboard a Kazon carrier that had been involved in a disaster and only the children aboard survived it. She had banded more than thirty other children together, assembled shelter aboard the stricken ship, and activated an emergency beacon – a piece of technology not commonly used aboard Kazon ships.

Commander Plogh was part of the away team that went aboard to aid her ship, and inoculated her to further protect against radiation that had permeated the ship. Over the course of the mission aboard, she stuck by the Klingon, who had begun referring to her as ‘little warrior’.

When the children were deposited upon a Class-M planet, so that they may be rescued by the Kazon-Ogla of the region, Heklara asked Plogh to stay aboard, so that she may learn more of honor.


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