Jessica Barnett

She wasn't even supposed to be here today


Jessica is a young human woman, on her first deep-space mission. She is normally a warm, cheerful person, but her trip to the Delta Quadrant seems to have caused her to become more reserved. She spends much more time alone these days.

She is an ensign in the Command division, serving the USS Odyssey as a Conn officer and relief Ops officer. She is a particular expert in Communications systems, Astronavigation, and sensor operations.


Jessica Barnett isn’t an official crew member of the Odyssey. To clarify, Jessica and her twin brother Juan had the unique opportunity to attend the academy in the same year. Juan opted to walk the Security track, Jessica Engineering. The pair graduated and received assignments originating from the same station – Juan was due to be a security officer on the Odyssey, Jessica an ops officer on the Bellerophon. As is tradition in Klingon culture, launching for a new mission into the unknown begins with a party, and the joint Klingon/Starfleet crew of the station were familiar with setting up such revels. Many of both ships’ crews attended, toasting to successful missions heading in different directions.

Somewhere in that, Jessica and Juan got a bit irresponsible with their bloodwine consumption, and one of the siblings managed to get them both to the closest of their bunks, which as fate would have it was the Odyssey. She slept it off on his roommate’s bunk, and when the Odyssey launched in the morning, she still hadn’t risen to make it to duty. Once she did, she immediately reported to sickbay, where Dr. Kerns treated her for acute alcohol poisoning and then he promised to reach out to Starfleet to arrange a rendezvous to get her back.

In the end, the Odyssey was trajected to the Delta Quadrant, cutting them off from Starfleet. Dr. Kerns died in a space battle before he could let anyone in command know of her situation, and then shortly after, her brother was killed by Kazon boarders. She joined a damage control team during the chaos, helping seal hull breaches and bring systems back online. And when the dust settled and she learned of all that had happened, she reported to the first officer and told him her story.

After time off duty, talking to Counselor Perrik, she finally requested assignment to the Captain’s away team to Banea, and took up shifts at Ops as well. After Domino departed the Odyssey, Barnett cross-trained in Helm Operations and took up the helm in honor of her friend.

Jessica Barnett

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