Former Chief Engineer


He is a full lieutenant (brevet commission) in the Operations Division, serving the USS Odyssey as chief engineer. He is responsible for the technical health of the ship, as well as advising on engineering issues within the convoy. He has particular expertise in Warp systems, computers, and security systems.

In ‘Broken Time’, Kalen left the ship with a being who appeared as Dr. John Stewart. He and Lt. Domino left the Odyssey to explore the universe.


Private memo to Captain Tchang by Lt. Commander Sebastian, stardate 49019 -

Kalen strikes me as a survivor. I don’t know if his personal ideals align directly with Starfleet’s, but then, what ideals even matter out here in the middle of the frontier? What matters here is doing the most good for the people we are currently responsible for, and Kalen stepped up to do that when our technical workload got too high. I’m no Betazoid, nor am I an expert on human people, much less Romulans. But I know we all want to get home, and I think that with him in Engineering, we’ll get home in one piece. Or at the very least, in fewer than a thousand.


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