A Kazon teen, interested in Starfleet's ways


Kemman is a typical male of his species, with the transition from child to adult apparent in his lanky frame and awkwardness. He, like many who went through trauma in order to join this caravan, is somewhat reserved, but unlike the other Kazon the crews have met, he is positively friendly in comparison.

After some time considering his path, Kemman took up engineering coursework and took part in the Odyssey’s ‘Night Academy’, taking a first year competency exam and passing, certifying him as knowledgeable as a second-year cadet. With that, the commanders commissioned him as a cadet, and assigned him to Engineering to learn from Lt. Kalen.


Kemman met the crew – in particular, Tchang, T’ven, and Plogh – on the Class K planet Kemman refers to as the shard planet. He and four of his fellow warriors in training were launched at the surface in modified boarding pods, and attacked the Plosel while it was undergoing repairs. Despite numerical advantage, they were no match for trained Starfleet officers and a Klingon warrior.

Rather than leave them to an uncertain (and given the Kazon’s attitudes and level of tech, almost certainly mortal) fate, Captain Tchang brought them aboard the Odyssey, placed in the brig. The Kazon teens attempted communal silence while incarcerated, assuming their enemies to be as ruthless and conniving as they were taught to be.

Except they weren’t. While the captain didn’t meet with them during the time they protested their capture, Kemman paid keen attention to his jailers’ treatment of him. All the Starfleet security officers he interacted with were kind, or at the very least polite. None raised a hand, no one shot off a scathing remark – even the Klingons who rotated in to the security division found some amount of honor in the Kazon boys’ bravery and audacity, regardless of its foolishness.

Finally, he asked to see the captain. The rest of the boys were convinced that despite their failure in their rite of passage they would be received well by their Kazon leaders, and saw Kemman’s wish to meet with Tchang a betrayal. At first, it wasn’t – Kemman intended on learning what the captain planned for them, so that he may try to find a way to help his erstwhile ‘brothers’.

Fate didn’t work out that way. His companions turned their back on him, even as they discovered Kemman was involving himself in the rescue of more Kazon. They greeted him with silence, and after some time, Kemman determined that he could not go back to the Kazon.

He negotiated with Tchang to release his companions to be rescued by another sect, so that they may try to forge their destinies anew. And when the Odyssey left the Kazon children to be picked up, Kemman stayed aboard, to an uncertain future.


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