M’rek is a warrior from the Jor, transferred to the Odyssey after its explosion. As a bekk, he is one of the lowest ranking members of the Klingon faction, but “bekk” means Warrior, so he is still held to the highest standard of Klingon Honor. He currently serves the Odyssey as a security officer, as most of the Klingons aboard do. He has shown particular interest in serving aboard the Starfleet ship without diplomatic incident, and has inspired his fellows in this endeavor.


M’rek’s contribution to the fleet’s progress has often been in a support capacity. He was present on Zill’gan Station as part of the entourage of Klingons who pretended to be independent traders. And when Gathoriel Labin was murdered, M’rek was the unfortunate first suspect thanks to his harassing Labin for further secrets on how to get home.

However, he has opted to take his accidental fame and use it to prove his honor unimpeachable, prompting him to start trying to take a leadership position in the Security teams.


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