Pilot, Soldier, Romulan


Pabian is the wall that prevents the Romulans and Starfleet from fully intermingling. He serves the Romulan Empire as a Centurion, and was assigned to the RIS Tiro as its pilot. He is an expert at stealth flight, precise maneuvering, and Romulan protocol.

He has no permanent bunk aboard the Odyssey, instead living aboard the Tiro full time in order to assure its physical security. He prefers to not leave the ship for long periods, though he has softened on this as the months have gone on.


While most of the Romulans aboard hold no substantial rank, Pabian is only outranked by Selveth, and he is the far more traditional one. He has made clear his lack of interest in allying with Starfleet, let alone the Klingons, and there are a number of his compatriots who may agree with him. However, his loyalty to the chain of command, and the fact that Selveth is a far more liberal officer, means that for now he cooperates begrudgingly with the aliens.

Because of his living arrangements, there is little else that the crew has learned of Pabian since his coming aboard. However, he has been joining Romulans in scientific meetings and socializing in the Romulan sections of the ship.

On Stardate 48473, Pabian launched a scouting mission for the convoy, learning of Kazon forces allying near a dark matter nebula in order to corral the convoy and take its advanced technology. In a bold move to try and force the Kazon out of formation, the Tiro used a deflector beam to ignite an energy pulse in the nebula. The calculations were off, and the discharge of energy was tremendous, knocking out the Tiro’s systems. Unknown to the Tiro, the nebula was the home to trianic energy-based beings, who were drawn by the discharge and descended upon the stricken Romulan scout ship, consuming Pabian’s neural energy.

He was memorialized aboard the pleasure barge by one of his Romulan compatriots.


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