Parker Adams

Chief of Security, Long serving, Borg Survivor


He is a lieutenant commander in the operations division, and serves as Tactical Officer and Chief of Security of the Odyssey. His primary skills lay in shipboard tactical systems, survival tactics, and emergency medicine, making him one of the very few members of the crew with any sort of practical medical knowledge. He was recently promoted by recommendation of Lt. Commander T’ven, who he replaced as chief of security.


It’s become an open secret to most of the senior staff that Parker and his family were assimilated during a vacation visit to a border colony. Parker was recovered along with a handful of other former Borg drones near MS I colony on Stardate 47025. After a year of medical leave and rehabilitation, he joined the crew of the Odyssey as a security team leader, but the notes of concern regarding his prior assimilation in his personnel file make the position he now holds an unlikely prospect if not for the ship’s stranding in the Delta Quadrant.

Parker Adams

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