Plogh, Son of Damok

Klingon Captain, Honorable Warrior, Surgeon


He is a Lieutenant Commander in the Klingon Defense Force, whose rank is honored as equivalent to Starfleet. He serves as the ship’s surgeon aboard the Odyssey, given the authority and duties of Chief Medical Officer, but the leeway to do so according to his methods and training. He also serves as a representative for the desires of the Klingons in the convoy, as the ranking officer left from their original ship. He is an expert in emergency medicine, toxicology, and blades both large and small.


Addendum by Lt. Commander Sebastian, stardate 48674 -

The Klingons have been both a boon and a trial, since their version of starship duty is very different from ours. Plogh has remained a steadfast guardian of his people’s culture, which has been valuable as we try to work together without simply homogenizing everything.

As he was his original ship’s second officer, and has command experience, I see no reason not to support his command authority over the Raider. It means we’ll be a little more reliant on the EMH, but honestly, I think he’d prefer it that way. I don’t expect he loves handling sprained ankles and broken fingers.

Plogh, Son of Damok

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