Romulan Leader, Science Officer, Making Friends


A complicated member of her kind, Selveth has been allowing her hair to grow out since being stranded. She is the most open of the Romulans, seeming to understand the predicament isolation poses.

She served the Romulan Empire as a Subcommander, commanding a research team that accompanied the Odyssey on its initial mission. She is the “technical” captain of the Tiro, but has placed its use at Tchang’s discretion. After multiple interactions with external forces made Selveth realize the vulnerability of standing aside from the Starfleet crew, she asked for and was offered a brevet commission as the Odyssey’s science officer. She is the most experienced xenoanthropologist in the convoy, and has broad experience in the sciences.


Starfleet Intelligence’s report on her indicated she was one of many Romulans who lost their entire family over the last several politically tumultuous years. She is an outspoken opponent of the Tal Shiar; which is why many assume she was assigned to the mission that led to the Delta Quadrant.

She is far less reserved than the rest of her peers, but has some social awkwardness from finding the openness of Starfleet culture hard to meet.


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