Their first friend, a salvager and merchant


Skrillix is a tall, lanky Talaxian, with wispy hair on the crown of his head and his jawline. He opts for civilian clothing, despite being technically offered a field commission and uniform by the Odyssey.

He is a crewman in the Command division, though he serves the Odyssey primarily as a cook, guide, and tradesman. Despite the unofficial nature of these duties, he has aided the crew often with his expertise in the cultures of the Delta Quadrant, survival skills, and ability to befriend virtually anyone.


Not much is known of Skrillix’s past, save that he joined the crew while living aboard a small freighter. The freighter now lives in the Odyssey’s reserve shuttlebay, while Skrillix himself swept aboard and immediately sought to make himself useful, insisting on creating a kitchen space in the main lounge, and immediately setting himself up as an impromptu morale officer, distracting the crew with team-building exercises and menu assembly during their early days in the Delta Quadrant.

Nowadays, he’s part of a three-person team of civilian scavenger gourmets, trading at new stops and whiling away his time being part of this new, intergalactic family.


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