Former Tactical/Second Officer, Dedicated to Logic


For the first 18 months of the Odyssey’s journey, T’ven served as the ship’s Chief of Security, Tactical Officer, and Second officer. He was nearly indispensable, even after experiencing injuries in the transition to the Delta Quadrant, from the trianic beings and the traumatic mind meld that saved Lt. Annira’s life, and fighting the Cravic. After being afflicted with a neurotoxin during the denouement of the Romulan conspiracy, he and the EMH had a long discussion about his health – one that ended with T’ven reluctantly requesting a leave of absence from Captain Tchang.

In lieu of his duties aboard the Odyssey, T’ven has opted to teach the wider fleet self-defense, as well as serve as an advisor for the Tusayan humans who chose to come along with the fleet on their journey. He has taken to this role of teacher well, and while his pseudo-retirement is felt on the bridge, he is still traveling with them – merely applying his talents in a more logical manner.


File Addendum added by EMH-Proto-001, stardate 49001 -

T’Ven is in decent enough health, despite still having .09 milijoules less neural energy than baseline. The effects of the trianic beings, and his… sharing of neural energy to… jumpstart Lt. Annira’s brain again notwithstanding, he is cleared for duty. He has been bothering me to release him to duty every morning at precisely the same time. His penchant for planning ahead and his loyalty to the captain are admirable, but healing takes time. One would think the vaunted Vulcan logic would beat out his sense of duty, but no luck here. Today will be a happy day for he and I both.


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