A Delta Quadrant Native and Cook


Typical of Baneans, Yakmar sports both russet feathers and a bony crown as a natural crown that surrounds black hair. Other avian features like a thinner bone structure and a fluted nasal passage mark him unique amongst the others who live aboard the Odyssey.


Yakmar’s path crossed the Odyssey’s on his homeworld of Banea. His people had been fighting a protracted war with their Numiri neighbors, and as a lower paid member of the scientific institute, he had been approached by the Numiri to turn. While many in Yakmar’s position chose personal gain, instead, he was motivated by forcing peace. He had no love for the plan to take hostages and steal buried weapons research, but he saw no other way to avoid the slow decline that their war led to.

Commander Plogh of the Odyssey changed that. Taken captive by the Klingon during their takeover of the institute, Yakmar revealed he and his compatriots’ motives, and that moment of vulnerability opened the door for negotiation.

Banean law is not kind to traitors, good intentions or no. So when the Odyssey left to begin its trek again, Yakmar was allowed aboard as a cook in the ship’s mess. His experience with Banean crops means his initial gift of them to the ship keeps them healthy and flush.


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