Zesh sh'Qiaqirn

Andorian Prodigy, Puzzle Solver, Talented at Reverse Engineering


Zesh has the unfortunate distinction of being the only Andorian in the Delta Quadrant currently. Originally the Beta-shift lead in Engineering, her time on the Odyssey has been busy and tumultuous.

She is a Lieutenant, Junior Grade in the Operations division, serving the USS Odyssey as the Gamma Shift Lead in engineering. She is a particular expert in Warp Power Systems and Reverse Engineering.

She has a reputation aboard for being an extremely clever and unorthodox engineer, but also for being shy and difficult to find.


She stepped up in the early days in the quadrant, handling technical problems early on like rebuilding sickbay after its destruction in battle. She led an overhaul of the ship’s primary power conduits at Zill’gan station, using technology the crew was given by a merchant they aided. Considered a heavy favorite for full-time chief engineer, the politics and maneuvering native to the leadership role didn’t appeal to Zesh, and she declined the role when asked. Instead, when Kalen was selected from the Romulan faction to take over as chief engineer, she threw in with her new superior instantly, showing support despite her shift’s resistance to a Romulan running the ship’s engines. She even went so far as to handle much of Gamma Shift’s maintenance single-handedly, which was a factor in her shift finally giving up their protest.

Zesh sh'Qiaqirn

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