Cargo Bays


Two Cargo Bays exist aboard the Odyssey, and both are critical to the ship’s function. While much of the starship’s fuel and replicator matter are stored in large tanks aboard, everything else that is required regularly aboard – spare parts, medical supplies, rations, trade goods, and even raw materials – those must be kept somewhere safely. Both cargo bays are two decks high to accommodate both large volumes of cargo or uniquely shaped objects, with their ‘assigned’ deck being the bottommost one where the doors are.

Cargo bay 1 handles most of the ready-at-hand cargo. Its location centrally within the ship on deck 7 makes it close at hand for laboratories, sickbay, engineering, and many of the critical infrastructure points throughout the ship. Cargo bay 2 handles raw materials and long-term storage, and includes an exterior cargo door accessible on the stardrive’s aft ventral end.

Both cargo bays contain high-volume cargo transporter pads. In a pinch, these can be used for personnel transport, but the safety systems are not as robust and so this is not recommended outside of emergencies.

Cargo Bays

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