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Starfleet Night Academy – Led by Commander Sebastian

- A measure set up by Captain Tchang to provide training in basic Starfleet protocol, procedure, and technology. Additionally, history and ethics are a focus, to provide context behind the Federation’s values. T’ven volunteered time to instruct basic security training, emergency procedures, and safety protocols
- Graduates:
Class 100 – 100 Sikarians trained as senior officers for service aboard the Sikarian fleet ships
Eighteen Sikarians (Brevet commissions to Crewmen – CPO, Operations, Science)
Fifty Tusayan Humans (Brevet commissions to Crewmen – CPO, Operations, Engineering, Security)
Selveth (Lt. Commander Brevet commission, Chief Science Officer)
Kalen (Lieutenant Brevet Commission, Chief Engineer)
Kemman (Cadet Second year, assigned to Engineering as a maintenance technician)


Kazon Countermeasures – Led by Lt. Commander T’Ven

- Attacks targeting systems on Kazon ships gain the Pierce 1 weapon effect.

Rebuilt Sickbay – Led by Lt. Commander Plogh

- The tech acquired to refit sickbay has given the Odyssey the “Advanced Sickbay” Talent.

Streamlined power relays – Led by Lt. sh’Qiaqirn

- Once per mission, a successful Power Management check produces 2 power before Momentum spends.

Threat Presets – Led by Lieutenant Kalen

- The ship has the “Threat Presets” advantage when in combat with the following polities: Kazon, Cravic, Krenim

WSKRS – Led by Lt. Ker’Ashh

- Using retrofitted Class 9 probes (and borrowing against the torpedo casings), the ship has a number of probes used to extend the ship’s sensor bubble. Tight-beam telemetry allows the probes to report in almost-real-time (delay is under a second), allowing for the Odyssey (and subsequently, the fleet) to react to long-range sensor details 30 LY distant, instead of the long range sensors’ 17-23.

Adapting Alien Sensors to Odyssey’s Platforms – Led by Lt. Ker’Ashh

- Installing sensor platforms procured from various alien species, the Engineering team has placed the platforms into the Odyssey’s sensor arrays. The ship has the “Alien Sensors” advantage.

Borg Precautions – Led by Lt. Commander Adams

- Rotating shield and phaser modulations, emergency procedures, self-defense tactics, and distributing low-tech weapons and explosives. The fleet has the “Borg Precautions” advantage.

Dark Matter Nebula Entity Study – Led by Centurion Vulmos

- Studying the trianic lifeforms and their home nebula based upon readings and samples taken after retreat from the nebula
- The data collected has yielded a shield frequency that can be enacted to protect against similar incursions.
- Learning their resonant frequency has meant being able to translate much of the ambient “noise” occurring during the possession of all the ships. The beings called themselves the Qomar, and they had long been using scouts who would possess beings passing by and then force their crews into the nebula. There, the Qomar could use their abilities en masse to disable any shields, and then phase aboard and feed upon the neural energy of the crew. The fleet were victims of such a ploy, and only Starfleet intervention saved them.

Decoding Gravimetric Subspace Propulsion – Led by Lieutenant Kalen

- Proposed after perusing Starfleet’s interactions with unique propulsion methods, Kalen learned of an incident involving the Enterprise-D being propelled to the center of the universe and interacting with beings there. A crewman was temporarily gifted knowledge of a means of extremely fast propulsion using a ship’s warp nacelles to generate a gravimetric distortion. Details of this incident have been given to the crew of the Marce, and a call within the fleet for scientists, engineers, and navigators has been put out.

- Sikarian scientists reviewed the Federation data on the gravimetric generation, and understand the principle. A large enough warp field should be able to accomplish this once properly attenuated, and a means of establishing a destination is discovered. Kalen, working with their warp theorists, was able to prototype the field in simulations. The field can be created, now it just needs to be calibrated and fed coordinates, which are the parts that the Enterprise crewman didn’t record.

- With fuel rationing, many scientists aboard redoubled their focus on the coordinate processing for this novel propulsion method. Eventually, the determination was made that the coordinates must be exceedingly precise, including background radiation and particle density at the destination. While this explains why the race that transported the Enterprise chose the method they did, it limits the propulsion’s use outside short-range sensors.

- However, the Banean star charts have these details within much of their content, making it possible to use this propulsion to jump to somewhere detailed within the charts. Conn is making a determination on the best course in prep for a jump.

Chaotic Space Study – Led by Lt. Domino

- Studying the data derived from the ship’s time near a trimetric fracture, along with long-range sensor scans of the space ahead
- It has already yielded results in mapping a tremendous span of chaotic space ranging ahead.
- New data from the wormhole that crashed the Atlantis NX-05 suggests that the chaotic space rupture that stretches through this region has relation to time, as chronometric decay was evident after probe scans. No active time distortion was occurring in the wormhole, but a temporal distortion drew the wormhole’s exiting end to the Delta Quadrant and to that planetoid’s orbit. And this area of space was within one of the ‘arms’ of the chaotic space span the Odyssey had mapped.
- The Odyssey, after leaving Cravic space, has reached the point where chaotic space is creating significant subspace turbulence and anomalies are becoming more common.
- The final studies and lab notes for the study detail a number of physically impossible things. First, that Lieutenant Domino had been led to the Odyssey expedition by an entity who intended upon using her research to resolve chaotic space encroachment with our reality. Second, that chaotic space is a barrier between states of reality, and the beings beyond the barrier are able to perceive and manipulate time on a limited, but galactic scale. And third, that the chaotic space phenomenon will subside with whatever action the being took with Domino’s assistance. Given this, the Odyssey’s joint science division has chosen to archive this study for now.

Current Projects

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