Damage History

Stardate 48317

In battle with a Kazon Predator, the Odyssey sustained a direct hit from the carrier’s powerful cannons. Sickbay was breached, losing all hands and exposing the compartment to space. Repaired after supplies were located on Stardate 48461.


Stardate 49109

Fired upon by Cravic Warship 112, the Odyssey’s shields lost power from the tetryon weapons, and the canteen sustained damage. It was closed for a few days for repairs, and Skrillix spent time in Sickbay.


Stardate 49202

In an attempt to cover their doings, Romulan saboteurs detonated one of the Odyssey’s photon torpedoes inside Bio Lab 5, destroying it and venting the area. The breach was repaired in the next few days, and the lab was eventually reassigned.


Damage History

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