Fleet Organization

Emergency Treaty for the Security of the Delta Quadrant

A formalized treaty formed by the remnants of Sikaris III and the Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan survivors of said planet, this agreement places into enforceable naval law the roles and responsibilities of all polities surviving together in the Delta Quadrant. Penned by Commander Sebastian as a legal representative for the Federation, the agreement is significant, and solidifies what were essentially informal understandings for mutual survival.

A provision of this was utilization of the “Night Academy” initiative in order to expand the training of Sikarians within the fleet. With only a handful of serious spacers in their ranks when leaving Sikaris III, the fleet had more technology than it had hands to man it. The first 100 Sikarian graduates from Night Academy were handpicked by captains from fleet ships, essentially picking their staff ahead of training.

Class 100

The biggest ships in the fleet, the Posel, Harge, and Jaret, received 25 officers each, in order to assemble a working three-shift rotation of senior officers. The Alanel, Miton, and Senel all received six – a skeletal senior staff for any but these smaller ships. The final seven officers are assigned to the Marce, as the ship attempts to position itself as another advance scout for the fleet.

Class 100 represents the fleet being fully self-sufficient on an individual ship basis. With this, Sikarians leaned into the opportunity to invent more fashion and created a uniform for the occasion, to be worn by Sikarians fleetwide. Captains and officers within the Sikarian fleet have been inspired by Starfleet’s uniform code. The delicate headwear is no longer part of serving Sikarians’ dress, save during their off-duty time.


Fleet Organization

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