The Krenim Imperium is a fairly isolationist polity whose scientific pursuits have focused particularly upon the manipulation of time. Their computers have been built to exist partially out of phase with this timeline, allowing for predictive computing and other, usually impossible technological feats.

The Odyssey’s understanding of the Krenim is fractured, thanks to interacting with them over a series of further damaged timelines thanks to a megalomaniacal Krenim named Obrist who had co-opted research into eliminating objects from time itself. The research had created a superweapon capable of eliminating entire planets from the time stream, and Obrist went on a rampage, vaporizing trillions of lives.

The Odyssey was meeting with their neighbors, the Zahl, when the weapon affected time near them. In Starfleet fashion, they learned how to protect themselves from changes to the timeline inflicted by the weapon, and over the course of a year, fought the Krenim superweapon to a standstill, finally defeating it and returning the timeline back to its intended course.

The Krenim of this timeline are largely only interested in protecting their own territory, and allowed the Odyssey and its fleet through on a proscribed path. After that, they experienced no trouble from the Krenim.


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