Consumables are an abstraction, used primarily to estimate the resources available to the ship and crew. These will fluctuate, and can be the focus of side treks. Summaries below will offer context for each resource.

Photon Torpedoes:

Starfleet-designed, type-6 torpedoes, equipped with warheads rated up to 200 isotons. Due to how the Odyssey generates antimatter reserves, it cannot safely transfer that antimatter into the bottles used inside torpedo casings, currently making it impossible to replace them. However, other sources of missiles are out there, and Federation systems adapt well to other ammunition.

- 18 used against the Kazon in “Hospitality, Part 2”
- 3 used against the Cravic in “Ghosts of the Machine”
- 2 went stolen by the Romulan conspirators in “The Way of D’era, Part 1”, where one was used to destroy Bio Lab 5. The other was returned to the armory.
- 1 used to detonate a derelict shuttle as a distraction against the Borg in “Echoes and Light, Part II”

Photon torpedoes gained and used in the Year of Hell were erased with the timeline reset.

Current Fuel/Power Reserves:

The most valuable and also flexible resource, this is the ship’s power generation. A day represents a standard day at high warp, given the ship’s usual activity of warping toward the Alpha quadrant. This means that episodic activity, long periods of pauses, or unusually high use of power systems can change this value. Accumulating fuel like energetic particles or materials will increase this value as well!

Approximately 300 Days – The ship has removed the Syrillium reactor modifications after spending enough time in the T’l Hollow to collect fuel.

Current Medical Supplies:

An abstraction of the medical supplies, equipment, and consumable material available for the treatment of sentient beings. One being’s worth is a serious condition’s treatment from triage to return to duty using Starfleet regulations. This can be affected by various means, including rationing, reducing the quality of treatment, expanding the medical hydroponics, and the like.

Able to treat approximately 350 individuals – supplies were most recently refreshed on Rilnar

Current Emergency Food/Water

This is the most emergency of emergency resources. Assuming the ship’s lost its ability generate replicated food, these are the perishables available to feed the crew at survival level.

Approximately 400 days


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