Messages Home

During the episode “Message in a Light Beam”, the crew sent 140~ character messages home via a pulsar in sight of telescopes at home. While some were private, any shared publicly are collected here.

“Lost in space. Flying home fast as we can. Don’t wait for me to live. I’ll always miss you.” – Commander Sebastian, for “Amanda”

”75,000 light years is not so far. See? Used a Star to tell you I would be late for Celebration. Stay proud.” – Lt. Annira, for her father.

“I have never been afraid of the dark. I was born amongst the stars, born to Starfleet, all these points of light in the darkness, both the darkness and the light is a gift.” – Lt. Domino, for the Starfleet Astronavigation School

”Juan dead, I’m on Odyssey instead. Scared, but hopeful. Love you forever.” – Ensign Barnett, for her mother.

Messages Home

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