The Mondrean people were encountered at two major points in the Odyssey’s trip through the Delta Quadrant. The first was shortly after arriving, when a Mondrean freighter captain named Nils required assistance extricating himself from the ‘egg’ of a unique form of spaceborne life. Lt. Commander T’ven, Lt. Sh’Qiaqirn, and Selveth assisted in freeing his freighter, and in return he gave Sh’Qiaqirn spare power injectors which became the first Delta Quadrant tech incorporated into the Odyssey.

The second time was after escaping Kazon space. The Mondrean homeworld lay close beyond their territory, and after a run-in with trianic energy beings and experiencing significant casualties, Mondrea offered welcome respite. It was here that the Council of Captains was formed, and the Odyssey’s first full year in the Delta Quadrant was rung in.

Mondreans themselves physically resemble Orions, save for significant brow ridges. Their society is ethically meritocratic, with leaders in the society tending to come from those who have volunteered the most time toward the group’s well-being. Because of this and their homeworld’s relative isolation, the Mondrean philosophy towards others trends helpful and curious. This is in direct opposition to the outlooks of many in the Delta Quadrant.

Technologically, they are at a similar level to 2250s Starfleet, save two major differences – as with much of the Delta Quadrant denizens Starfleet has encountered, they have not developed transporter technology. Additionally, their homeworld’s unique metals and crystalline compounds have led to significant advances in power storage and routing.


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