Personnel Totals

Upon Launch

199 Starfleet (Odyssey)
20 Romulans (Tiro)
44 Klingons (Jor)

15,783 Sikarians launched from Sikaris III


200 Sikarians aboard Odyssey (18 Starfleet)

14,700 Sikarians in the convoy


Lt. Calloway, Chief Engineer – Lost during “Hospitality, Part 1”
Lt. JG Kerns, Chief Medical Officer – Lost during “Hospitality, Part 2”
Commander Klaa, Klingon Captain of the Jor – Lost during “Ancient Honor Doesn’t Tarnish”
Centurion Pabian, Romulan Pilot – lost in “Nightmares”

16 crewmen, 1 Romulan, 3 Klingons – Lost during “Hospitality, Part 1”
21 crewmen – Lost during “Hospitality, Part 2”
7 Klingons – Lost during “Ancient Honor Doesn’t Tarnish”
1 Sikarian – murdered during “Message in a Light Beam”
610 Sikarians, 6 crewmen, 2 Romulans, 1 Klingon – Lost to trianic energy beings during “Nightmares”


Lieutenant Commander T’Ven – retired from Starfleet after his health suffered from multiple injuries on duty. He now aids Commander Adams in training Sikarians in self-defense and stress control techniques.
Lieutenant Cat Domino, Chief Flight Controller – left the ship to explore new realities w/ her mentor in “Broken-time”
Lieutenant Kalen, Chief Engineer – left the ship to explore new realities w/ Domino and her mentor in “Broken-time”
Uhlan Nalira, Romulan Astrophysicist – Attempted to traject toward Romulus in “The Way of D’era, Part 2”. Whereabouts unknown

30 Sikarians – Stayed behind on Banea after peace was arranged in “Fulcrum”
197 Sikarians – Left the convoy at Mondrea to seek their own destinies after the trianic energy beings laid many of their kind low, after “Nightmares”
75 Sikarians – Left the convoy at Tusaya, to live among the human colony there in “Finding Atlantis”

Personnel Totals

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