One of the oldest and most technologically advanced species in the Delta Quadrant, the Sikarians had previously enjoyed hundreds of years of peace and prosperity. Warm and welcoming, the Sikarians were renowned through the region as one of the most hospitable civilizations, and deeply enjoyed guests and visitors to their world. Despite their advanced capabilities, the Sikarians did not claim a large domain and instead could be found on a handful of colonies outside of their homeworld. They maintained a small, yet powerful, fleet, but primarily relied on their advanced transporter technology, called a trajector, to travel between destinations.

Unfortunately, the Sikarian culture as it was is no more. On Stardate 48317, the Sikarian homeworld of Sikaris III was rendered uninhabitable by Kazon chemical bombardment. Thanks to the selflessness of the kidnapped USS Odyssey, several thousand Sikarians were able to evacuate, either via trajector or civilian refugee ship. During this time, their culture has shifted somewhat, away from the hedonism and excess of their lives of leisure before. They still very much care about comfort and pleasure, but find their purpose in providing that to as many as possible – a greater good. Near extinction tends to lead to change in outlook.

Similar to the Federation, the Sikarians maintain strict rules regarding the sharing of technology and non-interference with other cultures. While this originally was the source of their conflict with the Kazon, they have opted to retain their governing principles and try to exist outside the politics of the cultures their travels bring them in contact with. Despite this, the Sikarians are a generous people, and will openly provide aid to those in need – so long as such aid remains within the provisions of the Sikarian Canon – the name given to Sikarian law. The Sikarians are avid storytellers, and relish hearing stories, anecdotes, and myths from other cultures. In fact, many Sikarians enjoy and desire cultural expression – especially literature – to the point of near hedonism. They are, however,extremely polite and will only retell or repeat such things with the permission of the culture or individual that originated it.

The Sikarian government within the convoy has shifted since the beginning of their travels. No longer content with a single representative speaking for the needs of the ships within the convoy, the people have opted to have the captains of each ship speak for them. This has meant a new system of government, with each ship in the convoy having a vote (including the Odyssey, Tiro, and the Klingon’s commandeered Raider) in all matters. The convoy still defaults to the Odyssey in matters of security, but for now, the Sikarians’ voice is more heavily weighted in what is chosen for the fleet.

Physically, Sikarians are very similar to Humans and other near-Human species. They are of similar height and mass, with a similar range of skintones and hair colors. Their utopian existence has nearly eliminated all forms of hard labor, and the Sikarians, by and large, enjoyed lives of leisure before their exile. This can be seen in both their slight frames and their style of dress. Sikarians prefer loose, flowing robes and delicate wireframe headwear.

Sikarians of Note

Gathorel Labin

Gathorel Labin was a former Sikarian Magistrate, a member of the ruling council of the former government. Much of his later years were taken up by the Kazon uniting and sweeping across the region. A government official during war often makes choices that don’t take all the consequences into consideration, and he was the responsible party for the Alpha Quadrant ships Odyssey, Jor, and Tiro arriving in the Delta Quadrant.

He was a manipulative, self-serving man who has twice lied to the Odyssey’s crew. He was previously detained in a cell within the Sikarian fleet, awaiting an opportunity to stand trial for his betrayal of not only his people, but three others. Unfortunately, during the tribunal to decide his fate, Labin was murdered by a Romulan.


Eudana has been a staunch ally of the Alpha Quadrant arrivals. Assigned as a liaison to the Starfleet crew in the early days of their arrival, she assisted the Starfleet engineers in identifying how they were taken, and was able to definitively identify Gathorel as the culprit. During the evacuation of Sikaris, she saw that the trajector would not be enough to save everyone, and successfully moved over 15,000 Sikarians in six civilian ships. She represented the Sikarians in forging an alliance with the Odyssey to travel as a convoy.

Her training is in environmental science, making her particular specialty not particularly useful in their current plight. However, she has taken this opportunity to rise to the occasion and work to become a leader for the remains of her people. Her time in service has meant that the Sikarians have managed to continue to survive and seek a new home.

After Stardate 48474, Eudana steps back from direct leadership amongst the Sikarian people. She has taken up a berth on the Sikarian survey ship and has dedicated herself to colony surveys, in case the convoy finds a suitable world.


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