Type: Frigate

Unit Run :
USS New Orleans – Active
NCC 57295 USS Rutledge – Active
NCC 63102 USS Renegade – Active
NCC 65491 USS Kyushu – Destroyed
NCC 65530 USS Thomas Paine – Active
NCC 71832-A USS Odyssey – MIA
plus 250 others built or in progress
Commissioned : 2364 – present

Dimensions : Length : 350 m
Beam : 290 m
Height : 83 m
Decks : 18
Mass : 900,000 metric tons
Crew : 190

Armament : 4 x Type VIII phaser arrays, total output 9,500 TeraWatts – Saucer Dorsal/Ventral, Stardrive Dorsal/Ventral
2 x Standard photon torpedo tube with 90 rounds – Fore and Aft

Defence Systems : Standard shield system, total capacity 958,500 TeraJoules
Standard Duranium / Tritanium Single hull.
Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Warp Speeds
(TNG scale) : Normal Cruise : 6
Maximum Cruise : 9.2
Maximum Rated : 9.4 for 8 hours.

Commissioning and Orders

Commissioned on Stardate 48290, the Odyssey was the most advanced New Orleans Class starship to come into service at that point. Christened as the second USS Odyssey, it was named after the first ship lost in combat to the Jem’Hadar, and its dedication plaque features a posthumous credit to the namesake ship’s captain, Captain Keogh.

New Orleans Class Ships are assembled with exterior, mission-swappable pods designed to further specialize the ship. Typical spaceframes are equipped with pods that expand their torpedo launch capability, but the Odyssey’s initial pods were scientific in nature, given its assignment. The dorsal pods feature extremely powerful sensor platforms that make the Odyssey on par with the newest ships in the fleet for sensor power, while the ventral pod carries a half dozen semi-autonomous warp capable probes with a variety of specialized equipment.

Captain Thalaya Tchang, a noted astrogation specialist before accepting a commission to Captain, was assigned as commanding officer, and an initial mission was provided; report to the Shackleton Expanse, and proceed as the head of a joint exploratory mission into concerning long-range scans of a planetary system deep within the expanse. This sort of pathfinding and exploratory mission was the expressed purpose of the equipment assigned to the Odyssey.


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