Starfleet Population Breakdown

OOC Note: This breakdown is largely to know what species are aboard the Odyssey, in case of particular physical concerns or in order to create supporting characters. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the crew on the ship, nor will it end up with every single crewman named. This is just an opportunity for players to build upon this framework to create new, interesting things.

The Odyssey’s Starfleet Crew

The following list reflects a census of the crew of the Odyssey that was assigned to the Odyssey when it left spacedock, minus any losses.

114 Humans from various planets

1 Andorian
1 Arkarian
5 Bajoran
3 Benzite
2 Betazoid
3 Bolian
2 Caitian
4 Denobulan
4 Tellarite
1 Trill
2 Vulcan
2 Zakdorn
2 Zaranite

6 Federation Aliens (IE, undeclared species, for the purposes of wildcards)

Starfleet Population Breakdown

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