Support Craft

The Odyssey left Narendra Station with an incomplete, but well-rounded complement of support craft.

OOC Note: Game tradition is when a new shuttlecraft is used, the leader of the mission names it. Thus, as missions go on and we crash/modify shuttles, the names of the full complement may come to light. Missions each shuttle participated in will be mentioned.

Type-6 Shuttlecraft: Workhorse, cargo transport


A fifteen-year old design at the time of launch, Type 6 shuttles are the slowest at FTL, and the least powerful. But years of service make them a snap to repair and maintain, and they are capable of moving the most cargo of the shuttles aboard.

The ship launched with two Type-6 shuttles. One is on loan to the veS’targ.
- One was remotely piloted as a distraction against the Krenim, and was destroyed. .

Type-8 Shuttle: New hotness, balanced abilities


The newest shuttle design in service, designed as a direct replacement to the Type-6. It is sleeker, faster, but is still built upon the design lessons of the Type-6 and remains easy to service. If a shuttle is needed for anything, this can do it.

The Odyssey launched with four Type-8 shuttles. It currently has three.
- One was disassembled in order to retrofit a Kazon Raider
- Donnager – Used to save a Mondrean freighter from a spaceborne lifeform in “The Needle”, and flew as a scout in “The First Law”
- Rio Plata – Used to save the Talaxian miners’ captain in “Rush of the Belt”

Type-9 Shuttlecraft: Interceptor, fast and nimble


Type-9 shuttles aren’t haulers. They’re built for speed and maneuvering, and are armed by default, a unique attribute. They aren’t comfortable transports, but they’re the fastest support craft the Odyssey carries.

At launch, two Type-9 shuttles were aboard.
- John Stewart – Domino’s personally maintained shuttle, used to transport the landing party in "Finding Atlantis”, and was instrumental in halting the Romulan conspiracy in “Way of Dera, Part 1”. Also used as the primary support craft in “Opening Moves” – currently retired after Domino’s departure, as her modifications make it dangerous for the unaware to fly.
- Volga – Used by Captain Tchang in her rescue mission of Lt. Annira in “Passata Soto”

Skrillix’s shuttle, the Maldaxit: a local, civilian craft, familiar to many species


The Odyssey’s Talaxian guide came with a shuttle of his species’ make. It is designed to haul freight containers magnetically locked to the exterior hull. While technically armed, it’s phaser bank is designed for debris clearing, not aggression.

To save space aboard the Odyssey, Skrillix lent his ship the the fleet at large to transport between fleet ships or to locales within its range. It berths aboard the Posel now usually.

The IRW Tiro: A stealthy scout ship


Originally an allied support craft, in the Delta Quadrant the Tiro requires berthing aboard a larger craft. The Romulans still ostensibly retain control of the ship, but consider its missions under Captain Tchang’s authority. Originally, the ship’s pilot Pabian resisted Starfleet knowing how to operate or maintain the ship, but after his passing, the task naturally fell to those who were left. Starfleet still does its best to treat the ship as sovereign, but they have now learned much about its operation. Its top speed of warp 6 means it can’t keep up with the convoy alone, but its offensive capability in disruptors and plasma torpedoes, as well as a cloaking device, make it a formidable tool in the convoy’s arsenal. Sure, the cloaking device further limits the Tiro’s speed to warp 3 while engaged, but that is a small price to pay for invisibility.

The Tiro occupies most of the main shuttlebay, only allowing for a single shuttle to be active beside it.

- Used to pass through a blockade in “Fulcrum”
- Snuck ahead to spring a trap on the Kazon in “The Gauntlet”
- Flown by the boarding team in “The Heist of Warship 112”
- Brought the ‘negotiators’ to the Alanel in “Way of D’era, Part 2”

Support Craft

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