The Pralor and Cravic

The Pralor and Cravic are technically extinct. They died out (or were extinguished) more than a hundred years ago, However, the two species were locked in a ceaseless proxy war waged by their own automated servants.

Over their encounters with the automated units, the Odyssey has learned much of the sad, senseless end of two species. It appears that the units were programmed to prosecute their war against their great enemy, at the expense of other directives. The Odyssey is now aware of the fact that more than a century ago, the Cravic sued for peace – and the Automated Personnel Units, seeing an obstacle to winning the war, exterminated their creators. While no corresponding information has come out about the Pralor, it stands to reason that this was the likely fate of the Pralor’s creators, as well.

One hundred years on, the two automated navies vie for territory that used to house their biologic builders, but now are simply warzones. Systems full of bystanders have been absorbed into this war, though mercifully the only ones the Units seem to want to fight are their enemies.

Both sides’ warships look very similar, much like the units themselves do. A common history between the sides’ builders is likely, though hard to confirm without better access to their records. Their ships are built with survivability in mind, with triply-redundant shielding and rugged designs meant for easy repair. They favor tetryon-based weapons, likely for their draining effect on shields, and have used some form of spatial charge similar in payload to photon torpedoes. Thus far, engagements with their warships have been difficult battles, but survivable.

The Pralor and Cravic

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