The Romulan Conspiracy

On Stardate 49202, four Romulans aboard the Odyssey went forward with a plan designed to take the Sikarian spatial trajector back to Romulus, regardless of consequences to the fleet. As this plot was the culmination of months of work, much of it under the nose of their Starfleet shepherds, the full details of the conspiracy are laid out here in one place, for easy reference. Links to adventure logs are provided when appropriate.

To start, the conspiracy’s actors:

Sublieutenant Ulun

A biologist by training, he was the only true Tal Shiar member who took part, serving as the group’s ringleader.

Sublieutenant Nalira

A junior astrophysicist, she provided much of the direct work on reverse-engineering and targeting the trajector.

Uhlan Kumir

A rather despondent geologist, Kumir chose more than once to be the group’s sacrificial element, putting himself in deeper and deeper peril to cover their tracks.

Uhlan Rossik

A laboratory technician with particular expertise in automation, he set up much of the automated programming that powered the denouement of their plan.

The Conspiracy Timeline by Stardate

  • 48317 – Eudana, as a gesture of goodwill, provides one of the spatial trajectors to the Odyssey. It’s known at this point that the tech is directly incompatible with the Alpha Quadrant ships’ systems and also reliant upon the unique quartz mantle of Sikaris 3, and so the trajector is placed into scientific storage.
  • 48461 – Visiting Zill’gan station, Kumir and Ulun discover Mondrean quartz, and purchase several kilograms of it, claiming to the Starfleet crew that it has unique conduction properties. In reality, it could work as a small-scale focuser of the trajector.
  • 48465 – The trajector is removed from storage, and the notes indicate that it’s being placed into stasis for safety. In reality, Rossik steals it and it begins living in Bio Lab 5.
  • 48721 – After many issues and dead ends converting the technology in secret, the group resolves to work with the only Sikarian who is certain not to have fond feelings for Starfleet – Gathorel Labin, the Sikarian who brought the Alpha Quadrant contingent to this area. Kumir begins visiting Gath in secret, trying to earn his trust in order to help them. He is slow to trust, but eventually he points the Romulans to sources for technical specs and parts without official channels.
  • 48760 – During Gath’s trial, Commander Sebastian standing in his defense and Counselor Perrik’s interviews prompt Gath to question whether his course was correct. Kumir visits and discovers Gath’s intention to come clean about everything – including the Romulans seeking technical assistance in getting the trajector functioning. In response, Kumir kills him, and sloppily sets up Bekk M’rek for the murder. Kumir is still discovered, and blames his sadness over being cut off from his family for the murder. He is placed in the brig until SD 49109, when Selveth advocates for him to be able to work from his quarters (not realizing she was enabling him to rejoin the conspiracy).
  • 48806 – Pabian and Vulmos save the fleet from Kazon pursuit via using the Qomar dark matter nebula against their pursuers. Pabian is lost in the attempt, who was the most conservative voice in the leadership of the Romulans. Without Pabian, the far more compromising Selveth has no one to keep her in check, and she openly suggests to the Romulans that they accept Starfleet commissions for the sake of making it home alive. Ulun cannot abide this, and outright refuses.
  • 49008 – To foster cooperation, Selveth actively seeks Romulans to join her in accepting Starfleet commissions from the Odyssey’s captain. Selveth, the most senior of the Romulans, takes one as the ship’s chief science officer. Kalen, the most knowledgeable of the technical staff of the Tiro, accepts one and is promoted to the Odyssey’s chief engineer. Seeing his senior officers ‘defect’, Ulun decides to accelerate his timetable before his plan is revealed.
  • 49020 – The plotters kidnap and traject Rogo, Yakmar’s pet Mok from Mondrea. They send the creature from Bio Lab 5 to Cargo bay 2, where the creature’s presence triggers a brief ‘undeclared biomatter’ security alert. This is the first successful test of the trajector after surreptitiously sending test canisters during Gamma shift for a few weeks.
  • 49109 – After discovering Plogh’s familiarity with the contagion that killed his family, Ulun’s plans deepen to the point of diminishing returns. He begins engineering the re-tailored version of Plogh’s toxin that eventually lays low T’ven and Selveth.
  • 49147 – Ulun learns of the fleet’s passage through Pralor territory and resolves to leave before the fleet can be destroyed by the robotic war. Kalen’s assisting the robots and Starfleet both in service to a deal that Ulun sees as being hostages of the Pralor prompts Ulun to put all the pieces in place for his endgame. They cease social contact with the rest of the Romulans and set up dead drops, equipment caches, falsified data, and create the automation necessary to pull off their escape back to the Alpha Quadrant.
  • 49161 – Selveth catches on to the plotters’ pulling back from the rest of the crew, and warns Kalen that she believes they’re plotting something. Kalen, between assisting with planning for the heist of Warship 112 and his normal duties, stakes out Bio Lab 5 with sensor equipment from the Odyssey’s probes. He discovers an anti-neutrino signature that’s too weak for internal sensors to register.
  • 49167 – As Warship 112 is being emptied of a fraction of its antimatter reserves, Kalen digs into security footage and computer records since the beginning of the voyage, learning roughly the timeline of events. He continues to carefully gather information on the situation around his responsibilities to the Odyssey. Once his case is airtight, Kalen arranges to meet with the Captain, on SD 49202.
  • 49201 – The plotters confirm that their arrangements are in order. Ulun completes his re-tailored neurotoxin and places it on the control surfaces of a PADD meant for Captain Tchang to review. Selveth takes custody of it, re-reviews the information in order to put her team’s best foot forward (and contracts the neurotoxin), and passes it to the shift commander – T’ven, who also reviews the report out of habit (and contracts the rest of the toxin).
  • 49202 – Ulun has Rossik fake a headache to stake out sickbay until T’ven and Selveth show up, expecting the captain. When they show up instead, Ulun declares them on a clock, and they activate their preparations while Kalen makes his case to the captain about the conspiracy.

The Romulan Conspiracy

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